Negin Astara

Negin Astara.

We allocated all our possibilities to production of Beluga, the most prized and expensive caviar in the world. The fish, Huso huso, needs about a decade to reach maturity and produce its precious eggs. It is necessary to use up to the minute farming knowledge and qualified manpower during such a long period, utilize the best inputs and fish culture management practices to create the optimum conditions for the fish to grow and give high quality caviar. At the final stage, we process our caviar by the best caviar masters of the country and send a product to the market which deserves the title “Black Pearl”.
By pumping the Caspian Sea water into our pools we tried to create as much natural conditions as possible for the fish to grow in.
To feed the fish, we never limited ourselves to merely using commercial feeds; rather our feed specialist made a special mixture by adding natural supplements and fed the fish at various growth stages with it. The result of this precise plan has been production of caviar with a quality very similar to wild Beluga of the Caspian Sea.