Beluga caviar is the processed eggs of Beluga fish, which is the biggest species of sturgeon fishes of the Caspian Sea.

The female Beluga fish reaches maturity after about 10 years. For this reason, Beluga caviar is one of the most expensive foodstuff in the world.

 The eggs of Beluga caviar are the largest among various kinds of caviar. Color of Beluga caviar can vary from light to dark gray. It has a very pleasant, creamy taste and is very popular among caviar connoisseurs.

Imperial Beluga is what Negin Astara Khazar is proud of its production. Its round, full bodied eggs, with shimmering color melt on your tongue and release its unique taste.

Growing Beluga fish and production of Beluga caviar is the main activity of Negin Astara Khazar farm that is producing the highest quality of Beluga caviar in the country.